Training of farmers V4 in techniques for environmental protection and soil water management

About project

In 2018, a group of universities mentioned in the project application successfully solved a project called “Creating a platform to address the techniques used in the creation and protection of the environment and in the economic management of water in the soil within the Visegrad Fund”.

Based on this project, a platform focused mainly on the creation of a theoretical basis for the target group, consisting of complex agrotechnical, technical and organizational measures leading to more efficient management of water and water resources, as well as biotechnical and organizational measures to improve their water holding capacity in the soil and to increase its retention capacity has been created.

Due to the fact that the creation of a scientific platform in the form of networking has led to the exchange of existing experience and laid the foundations for close cooperation in the future in solving the phenomenon of the present - drought in the landscape and agricultural land, it is necessary not to stay only with cognition in theory.

The main goal of this project is to disseminate information about the results of the above mentioned project to the widest possible target group. The project outputs will be converted to electronic form and will be freely available for downloading on the project website to the general professional public.

This solved project has priority ambition in the practical extension of theoretical knowledge to the target group not only of small and medium farmers, but also large agricultural complexes.

For the dissemination of the theoretical knowledge and experience to the target group – farmers and farmers of the V4 countries – a variety of lectures and workshops will be provided.

The benefit of the project is therefore undoubtedly not only for the V4 countries. In addition, after evaluating the project outcomes, stating its success and fulfilling the benefits, this project can be extended to other EU member states.

Project duration and schedule 

Duration: 10/2020 - 03/2022

Expected Dates

Activities and Events (Expected)

November 2020

Kick-Off project meeting, Nitra (SK)

March 2021

Elaboration of syllabi and ppt presentation in English

May 2021

Translation of syllabus from English into the national language of V4 countries 

July 2021

A Elaboration of a uniform model of e-learning supports includes web application installation and customization

August 2021

Elaboration of elearning supports in languages SK,CZ,PL,HU,EN

March 2022

Management and maintenance of e-learning repository

March 2022

Project Committee (on-line)

Project partners