Use of project management tools in improving water management in the soil

Pavel Máchal

Today, a large part of one-off work in the form of projects is carried out in companies and other organizations. These projects are often a crucial part of a company's strategic management. Whether or not they are the basis of the strategy, they occur everywhere. The goal may be the rapid commercialization of a new product or service, the installation of new capital equipment in a factory, the development of new software, modification of a process or process, orientation testing of a business, delivery of a building to another organization, or successful completion of other time-limited work. In summary, a project is an organized effort to achieve a certain goal. This is no different when implementing projects related to improving water management in the soil. The aim of this lecture is to acquaint students with the basic concepts and methods used in project management.

Control questions

  1. Explain what is Project Management

  2. Explain the principles of project management

  3. List the project management functions

  4. What are Project Attributes

  5. What is the life cycle of the project

  6. What are Stakeholders

  7. Explain the Project Scope

  8. How the Project Structure Creation (WBS) is implemented

  9. What is the Logical Framework of the project

  10. Explain the Risk Management process

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