Soil biological activity for improving water management in soil

Ivana Šindelková & Ľubomír Marhavý

The problems that have arisen in primary agricultural production in recent years are gaining momentum and therefore need to be addressed as soon as possible. We have been monitoring the negative effects of alternating droughts and rainy seasons during the year for a longer period of time. Harvest opportunities and subsequent yields confirm our unpreparedness for similar situations. The soils, due to farming over the last decade, are no longer in such a condition that they are able to eliminate such weather fluctuations to some extent. There are several reasons as well as solutions. However, in order to move somewhere, preferably to satisfactory yields and to improve the retention capacity of the soil and the landscape, it is necessary to openly admit that we really have a problem. The aim of this lecture is to draw the attention of students to these problems in land management and introduce them to possible solutions to improve the current state of the soil in the near future.

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