The living ecosystem  the soil  production and non-production functions

Ivana Šindelková & Ľubomír Marhavý

The importance of soil naturally manifests itself most noticeably when the soil is in danger. What is most threatened today? Compaction, loss of soil organic matter, erosion and occupation. If we combine all these factors together, it will necessarily result in a reduction in the retention capacity of the landscape. If we ensure an increase in the content of the organic component of the soil, we will increase the soil fertility. We will positively influence the soil structure, water and air regime of the soil, soil porosity and the ability to infiltrate. Overall, we will improve the retention capacity of the soil and landscape. In order to achieve a good yield and high quality of field crop production, it is necessary to revitalize the soil. For decades, we have been unilaterally nourishing the stands with industrial fertilizers and forgetting about the soil. The basic prerequisite for maintaining soil fertility is quality care for biological activity - life in the soil. The aim of the lecture is to support a new approach to soil. To support the overall change in soil care while respecting the current soil and climatic conditions.

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