Benefits of the application of reduced tillage system on heavy textured soils

József Zsembeli

The goal of the lecture is to provide information on the effect of the application of reduced tillage in order to improve the physical, chemical and biological status of the soil. The main research profile of the MATE Research Institute of Karcag has been formed as the result of the permanent development during the last 74 years. This research profile involves different issues: soil fertility, soil preserving cultivation, development of biological bases, grassland management, sheep-farming and rural development, which utilises all the achievements of the other issues. These research and development activities are built on each other and involve all the research work from basic to applied research and development. The research-development activities of the Research Institute cover the relevant tasks for general public use as well as technological development. The research activities of the Research Institute focus on the Great Hungarian Plain and within that the Middle-Tisza Region due to its geographical location. The Middle-Tisza Region has the most extreme ecological conditions in the Great Hungarian Plain with the highest shortage air- and soil moisture, special pedological, hydrological and geological conditions. One of the main research tasks includes the determination of correlation among land use, soil cultivation, soil reclamation, soil preservation and water management, and elaboration and further development of environmental-friendly soil cultivation technologies for areas with unfavourable agroecological conditions.

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